Sundstedt Animation Creates Animations for Lofi Girl

Posted on Thursday, 29 September 2022

Lofi Girl teamed up with Anders Sundstedt / Sundstedt Animation to create 2D animated music video loops for different artists’ new albums. Anders works closely with the creative team at Lofi Records to create detailed but subtle animations for Lofi Girl music videos, working on bringing illustrations to life!

From the compositing, 2D/2.5D animation and other effects. For example, the animation of lights, the trees, the flying and flapping of butterflies, animation on light changes of particles, clouds, grass, eye blinkings, vegetation and subtle character movements, and many more subtle details.

We are providing animation services to Lofi Girl, making animated loops for their music, website, and more. Bringing the songs to life!

You can watch and enjoy some of the animations and listen to the albums via the YouTube video embeddings.

Our latest client Lofi Girl / Lofi Records is very passionate about what they do, sharing relaxing music with the world, through dreamy visuals and animations.

We take great interest in illustrations and animations, so animating loops for their go-to music channel is something we are very proud to be doing, helping set tones and tell stories with the music.

Testimonial from Lofi Records

“Anders is a very professional and punctilious animator. I’ve reached out to him to create loop animations on illustrations. His high knowledge of Photoshop and After Effects allow him to create convincing and realistic animations that convey that relaxing feeling I was looking for. Anders handles everything from preparing the illustration for animation, rigging characters, and adding light effects to rendering the final product. He is also easy to communicate with. He has a lot of experience and therefore has interesting comments and suggestions to offer. I would definitely work more with him in the future and recommend him to people looking for motion animators.”
Carole EDEL
Illustrator Coordinator
Lofi Records

About our client LoFi Records

– Lofi Girl has 11.5M subscribers on their YouTube video channel that play lofi hip hop radio beats to relax/study to.
– The secondary channel Lofi Records has 520K subscribers.
– Lofi Girl has 1.25M followers on Spotify.

Image credit: LoFi Girl

Animated Illustration & Animated Loop Services

At Sundstedt Animation we help our clients tell their amazing stories using animation. Sometimes a single short animated illustration/loop, or even several animated loops (either separate or combined) can be the perfect option. You get to read more about our animated loop / animated illustration work here.

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