BASW Becoming Social Worker Steven Animated Explainer Video

BASW Becoming Social Worker Steven Animated Explainer Video: ‘Steven’ is 56 years old and he lives in the Midlands. He is the Practice Leader of a local authority Youth Justice and Intervention Service.

BASW Becoming Social Worker Steven Animated Explainer Video


Client: Cactus ID
Script & Storyboard: Cactus ID
Animation Studio: Sundstedt Animation
Illustrator & Animator: Anders Sundstedt
Designer & Director: Anders Sundstedt
Style: Animation
Category: Explainer Video
Length: 01:57

The Challenge

The client asked us to create a series of 2D animations about ‘becoming a social worker’. Each of the videos consists of a voiceover interview with a fictitious social worker. The story is told through the animated characters based on the scenarios described in the scripts. This animation tells Steven Jones story about becoming a children social worker. The name ‘Steven’ is fictitious and was created to protect the identities of the real people. ‘Steven’ is 56 and lives in the Midlands. He is the Practice Leader of a local authority Youth Justice and Intervention Service. The client wanted us to work on the ‘Becoming A Social Worker’ project as they wanted to utilize our skills and treatment.

The Solution

Each animated video is featuring a different scenario and a different social workers story. We created an engaging animation in our own handcrafted, quirky style. First we provided the initial character illustrations for approved by the end client. We created a concept look for the animated videos based on the storyboards provided, to create high impact videos featuring testimony from real social workers, using animated actors. We created the character illustrations and all other artwork for the animations and all the animations, in-house. All videos were delivered on time, the end client loved it and we received a fantastic testimonial from the client.

The video is used both on the BASW website and is also available on two separate YouTube Channels, the ‘BASW UK’ and ‘SfCDUK’ YouTube Channel. The 3 short animated films currently have more than 7650 views in total.

Behind The Scenes

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