100 Years in Marketing Animated Explainer Video

100 Years in Marketing, from the canvassing travelling salesman to the digital content marketer with Mad Men in between!

100 Years in Marketing Animated Explainer Video (2013)


Client: Albion Bell
Category: Explainer Video
Style: 2.5D Animation
Animation Studio: Sundstedt Animation
Directed By: Sundstedt Animation
Creative Director: Anders Sundstedt
Animation Producer: Anders Sundstedt
2D Animation & Composite: Anders Sundstedt
Design: Anders Sundstedt
Background Design: Anders Sundstedt
Character Art Direction: Anders Sundstedt
Character Design: Anders Sundstedt
Prop Design: Anders Sundstedt
Editor: Anders Sundstedt
Script & Storyboard: Albion Bell Ltd
Length: 2:26

The Challenge

Albion Bell commissioned us to create a 100 Years in Marketing Animated Explainer Video for their website, telling the story of 100 Years in Marketing.

The Solution

The client provided the script and we did all the animation production for this 100 Years in Marketing Animated Explainer Video, from design, illustration to animation. We created every single handcrafted animated video sequence from scratch using custom illustration, animation and character design. A big thank you to Claire at Albion Bell that came up with key reference images for the period of the 100 Years in Marketing story.

The Result

The resulting 100 Years in Marketing Animated Explainer Video is an explainer video that is original in style, using our own unique style by Anders Sundstedt.
NEWS: This animated cartoon (character) video has been listed as a Top 10 Explainer videos of all Time.

Client Testimonial for the 100 Years in Marketing Animated Marketing Video

“Anders Sundstedt has worked on several projects for us and our clients. He is a very professional designer and animator and above all a deeply creative person. He brings these qualities to every project: professionalism and creativity. A pleasure to work with, and great results.”
Gordon McKeown – Owner
Albion Bell Limited

Work in Progress / Behind the Scenes Images

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