Here is a list of many great uses of animated video in your business

Posted on Friday, 15 February 2019
Top 21 Reasons for using Motion Graphics in Animation

Here is a list of many great uses of animated video - Sundstedt Animation

Are you not sure how to use animated video in your business or organisation?

Here is a list of great uses of animated video in your business. This list features 30 uses and we are available and looking for animation work, so please do get in touch and drop a note about your project and we will get back to you to provide a quote and timeframe estimate:

  • Animation brings lots of creativity to your marketing, which helps you to reach more demographics.
  • Animation is widely used in the medical industry these days.
  • Scientific Visualization – to create accurate and representative scientific visualization for the purpose of research and studies.
  • Animation company mission, “about us” videos or company vision.
  • Animated Employee recruiting videos that promote specific company positions. For example, a short 10 animated loop promoting an animator position.
  • Animated holiday videos for your clients to show them you care.
  • Animation for educational purposes can be effectively utilized to enhance the reception levels of the students and trainees.
  • Animated testimonial videos to bring an authentic voice to the customer experience.
  • Rather than telling prospects how your product works, stop-motion is a great way to simply show them.
  • Animated case study videos that showcase client success stories.
  • Animated logos to reinforce brand identity and create brand awareness.
  • Animated tutorial screencast videos for your software, app, or site.
  • Animated GIFS are a great way to add a touch of humour to your internet marketing strategy.
  • Animated videos for various promotions and sales efforts.
  • An animated whiteboard animation with a voice-over can tell a story with drawn animations.
  • Animated e-cards are entertaining and can bring some colour and humour to a recipients day and reinforce your brand image.
  • Animated content or informative videos for your blog and website.
  • Motion graphics are one of the best ways to communicate with your audience on a visual level.
  • Using animations in your email marketing can help to differentiate your brand. Email drip campaign videos to slowly convert prospects.
  • Short animated ads for video advertising on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Animate your website. GIFs or videos, animation can liven up your website and increase conversions.
  • Animated crowdfunding videos or for helping to raise investor capital.
  • Brand development can be promoted through animated videos easily.
  • Animated internal company videos that communicate new initiatives.
  • Animated Training or onboarding videos for clients or employees.
  • Explain how to best use your product, and promote ease-of-use in an animated how-to video.
  • A video posted on your website is the fastest way for a customer to understand exactly what you are offering.
  • Short & catchy social media marketing videos.
  • Help clients to understand your product. Explainer videos for different products and audiences easily. There’s no better way to explain something complex or new than with a visually powerful animated explainer video.
  • Tell your new staff, partners, investors or customers who you are with a video that elevates your company’s purpose & vision.

There's no better way to explain something complex or new than with a visually powerful animated explainer video


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Top 21 Reasons for using Motion Graphics in Animation
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