Visual Communication Power

Posted on Sunday, 25 January 2015

Power of visual communication

Visual Communication is done by help of visuals. It is thoughts and data in structures that can be viewed, either to some extent or entirely made up of typically two dimensional pictures. It can incorporate signs, typography, drawings, illustrations and animation, in any combination.

Visual Communication

The influence of visuals give us a much richer experience. What we see has a significant impact on what we feel. Through experience we understand the visual world around us and how it affects us. As more individuals network using mobile phones, they find that taking pictures with a smartphone is much less dreary than writing text. Our mind translates picture components at the same time, while words take some time to process (and to type on tiny little keyboards!)

Tiny Keyboard Typing

Therapist Albert Mehrabian claimed that 93% of correspondence is nonverbal. Pictures travel through the brain faster than any other content, having more effect. A picture says a thousand words (and takes up a lot less space on a webpage!) Study after study demonstrate that images makes learning go faster and makes it last better. Utilizing visuals is a successful approach to tackle issues in ways that far surpasses using dialog alone and illustrations captivate our creative ability and can also help to increase our innovative thinking.

Pictures say more than words

A picture may grab our attention, whether it results in a positive or negative reaction, is down to image composition. Pictures do influence our feelings and a nicely composed picture can be a very compelling way of attracting ones attention. Using Visual Communication Power through visual media when learning and educating is of very high importance, since nothing explains something quicker than pictures as we learn through viewing pictures just as effectively as we do through the spoken word.

Visual Communication Power

Infographics can be found all over the web these days. Infographics can make us chuckle, make us think about and comprehend data in new, interesting and dynamic ways we may not have seen before. They are likewise effective through the clever use of brilliant diagrams, charts and information that makes sense to us and easy to understand.

These days there are convenient instruments available that empower even people with almost no experience to make their own infographics. Do remember to always carefully consider your choice of pictures, then consider applying some clever and (if suitable) funny components and join these together with some more straightforward information content and data and you have a great combination for a great visual communication.

ways of communicating

As visual communication keeps on filling our everyday life with information, we should try and adjust to this more, finding better approaches to how we express our thoughts and offer our data. If you are not using visual communication yet, now is the right time to start considering how you could incorporate Visual Communication Power into your method of captivating your audience.

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