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[31 Aug 2014 | Comments Off on Mograph Magicians | ]
Mograph Magicians

Looking for MoGraph Magicians?

We have the skills you need!
Sundstedt Animation is a small but highly creative, digital design studio powered by strong skills in both …

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[7 Feb 2014 | Comments Off on 2.5D image created in After Effects | ]
2.5D image created in After Effects

Created this 2.5D image almost entirely in AE, including the room, background and lighting, shading and textures. All is 2.5D i.e. 2D objects in 3D.
Creating …

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[14 Aug 2013 | Comments Off on Motion Graphics Designers | ]
Motion Graphics Designers

Sundstedt Animation is a motion graphics design studio that specializes in explainer videos, demo videos and advertising videos. We are highly motivated motion graphics designers …

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[28 Feb 2013 | Comments Off on 2D Animator and Motion Graphic Design Services | ]
2D Animator and Motion Graphic Design Services

Are you looking for a talented 2D Animator and Motion Graphic Designer who can transform ideas and narrative scripts into powerful visual stories and fluid, …

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