Case Study: Sundstedt Animation’s Whiteboard Magic for IDF

At Sundstedt Animation, guided by the creative brilliance of animator Anders Sundstedt, we excel at bringing our clients’ visions to life through captivating visual stories. The exhilarating moments when our clients see their ideas animated are what drive our passion. Recently, we had the honor of collaborating with the International Diabetes Federation ( on their Kids and Diabetes in School Project (KiDS).

Watch how Sundstedt Animation brings magic to IDF’s KiDS Project.

The KiDS project aspires to foster a safe and supportive environment, cultivating a deeper understanding of diabetes and providing support to children with this condition. It also imparts valuable information on preventing type 2 diabetes through effective lifestyle choices. Sundstedt Animation played a pivotal role in contributing to this project by crafting the KiDS Educational Awareness Whiteboard Video.

Client Background:

The International Diabetes Federation ( stands as a globally recognized organization dedicated to promoting diabetes care, prevention, and a comprehensive understanding of the condition worldwide. Their mission is to address the challenges posed by diabetes and enhance the lives of those affected by the disease.

The Challenge: Capturing Attention and Spreading Awareness

Every organization encounters unique challenges, and was no exception. Their objective was to capture the attention of a diverse audience by effectively explaining intricate diabetes-related concepts, fostering awareness, and supporting children with diabetes through the KiDS project.

Our Solution: A Custom-Made Whiteboard Video Series

Anders Sundstedt, our lead animator, took a hands-on approach, ensuring that the whiteboard video for’s KiDS project was far from a template-driven project. Each frame, illustration, and animation was meticulously crafted to align with the specific needs and vision of the KiDS project. The video was custom-made, free from templates or drag-and-drop elements, ensuring a unique and tailored visual storytelling experience.

Guided Through Our Streamlined Process - Sundstedt Animation

To address’s challenges and the distinct goals of the KiDS project, we proposed a whiteboard video series that demystified diabetes-related concepts, making them accessible to a wide audience, with a special focus on children. Each video delved into specific aspects of diabetes education, seamlessly linking the creative process with engaging visuals. The first video, for instance, explored the concept of divergent thinking.

Understanding’s Vision: Collaboration for Success

To ensure the success of the KiDS project, we invested time in understanding’s vision. We explored their preferences in animation style, desired video length, and any specific requirements they had. Accessibility emerged as a top priority for, leading us to choose the whiteboard animation style—an approach that is not only fun and accessible but also effective in conveying messages in an appealing way.

Case Study: Sundstedt Animation's Whiteboard Magic for IDF emphasized the importance of providing subtitles for broader inclusivity. Consequently, we created a second variation of each video with subtitles, enhancing accessibility for a wider audience. The second video in the series, covering convergent thinking, stands as an excellent example of this inclusive approach.

The Finished Production: Making an Impact

With the completion of the bespoke whiteboard video for the IDF Kids and Diabetes in School Project (KiDS), seamlessly integrated the video into their educational curriculum. Recognizing its potential impact, we crafted multiple versions to cater to different voice-over languages. These videos now reside on their YouTube channel and website, contributing to the KiDS project’s goals and objectives.

Animated Video Testimonial about Sundstedt Animation

The feedback from the target audience, particularly young individuals involved in the KiDS project, has been overwhelmingly positive. The engaging drawing style of the videos, meticulously crafted by Anders Sundstedt, has resonated well. More importantly, viewers have gained a deeper understanding of divergent and convergent thinking, empowering them to generate creative solutions to problems related to diabetes.

Client Testimonial: A Seamless Collaboration

“The International Diabetes Federation recently worked with Anders, who from the beginning took his time to explain the different options that we could have for our educational awareness video for the Kids and Diabetes in School (KiDS) Project. We opted for a whiteboard video, which was visually in line with our own KiDS resources. Anders’ work style is very quick, communicates frequently on the different stages of the video and remained very flexible throughout our collaboration. Thus, we have contacted him again for a second video.”
Els Sung
JPO Policy and Programmes at International Diabetes Federation

“After the International Diabetes Federation worked with Anders on a Whiteboard Video for the KiDS Project, we decided to contact him again for a promotional video for our new project. Anders took his time to explain the different options. He has shown great time-management skills, communicated frequently, and always looked for different solutions. Anders was very enthusiastic about the project and created beautiful artwork with attention to details.”
Anne Wiebke Ohlrogge
Junior Professional Officer, Global Partnerships and Policy & Programmes at

Behind the Scenes

Explore this gallery featuring work-in-progress snapshots, sketches, behind-the-scenes images, and other visuals from the production of the KiDS Educational Awareness Whiteboard Video, including intriguing unused items.

Sundstedt Animation KiDS Sketch scan
Here is a collection of behind the scenes images
exciting behind the scenes video production moments
out of sight of the public chart

At Sundstedt Animation, we take pride in contributing to meaningful projects like the KiDS project, where every animation is a unique creation, not bound by templates or generic elements. The power of whiteboard video animation is harnessed to educate, inspire, and make a positive impact on a global scale.

Ready to bring your vision to life with Sundstedt Animation’s unique whiteboard magic? Let’s discuss how we can create a compelling visual story for your project. Contact us today to get started!

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