How Much Does an Animated Music Video Cost?

Posted on Saturday, 27 March 2021

How Much Does an Animated Music Video Cost?

Animated Music Video Cost
So how do you know what you should expect to pay to receive a great looking final animated music video? This is a very tricky question to answer. There are so many different factors involved that can impact the cost of an animated music video or animated lyric video.

Wide price ranges depending on many factors

Two 3-minute animated music videos can have very different prices depending on the look/style of animation being used, the level of detail, fluidity, complexity and how refined the 2d animation looks. Other factors are the level of finer details, background artworks, characters to design, the skill, experience and previous success of the studio or animator. All our animated music videos and lyric videos are film festival award-winning, award nominated or officially selected.

Budget and who we work with

We are selective when taking on animated music video projects, as they completely take up our schedule for a few months. Apart from you budget, if we don’t like the song, that is another factor when deciding if we want to take on the project or not. We don’t work with just anyone! The best thing you can do is really to tell us how much you are looking to spend on your video. By knowing your budget, we can help in making suggestions on animation style. If your budget is within any of ranges below, then please get in touch to discuss more details.

How Much Does an Animated Music Video Cost

All animated videos by Sundstedt Animation are 100% custom made and original. As mention, some of the key factors that can influence a 2D animated video music video production cost are the amount of detail, the level of complexity, the minutes of animation and time timeframe.

Illustration & Design

We will take your script idea or rough storyboard and interpret your vision in our own unique design style. Our illustrations, artwork, characters, images, backgrounds and animations are all produced by ourselves from scratch in-house, as opposed to a graphic designer or cheap studio that will typically use tools such as stock images, stock artwork, stock effects, stock characters, templates and drag-and-drop.

Estimated price Ranges

Get in touch and we can give examples of our price ranges and different services for the music industry. We can provide a custom quote for an animated music video, animated lyric video, short animated loop and much more. Keep in mind that there are a wide range of prices, from simpler to very complex. Keep in mind that for a quote from Sundstedt Animation, we will need to know a lot more details from you, such as a script, idea, length, timeframe, storyboard, animation style, design style and so on.

Video Length & Timeline

Animated videos are great for any genre of music. Anything from pop, synth, dance, rap or death metal. There is more creative freedom than live action, and can also be cheaper. But the length of your animated music video will also greatly impact the price. Keep in mind that most animation projects are priced by the second or minute. The longer your video is, the more expensive it will become. The shorter it is, the less expensive it will be. This is why our 10-20 second animated illustrations / animated loops are less expensive than a 2-3 minute animated music video.

Another key factor that can impact the music video or lyric video cost is your timeline, expected timeline or deadline. It is more expensive if you need us to rush the project faster than our typical turnaround time. Depending on our schedule or if your expected timeline is not realistic, we may have the say no to taking on your project.

We can discuss the best options based on your song, budget and preference. A full animated music video, animated lyric video, or a looping animation.

What if you have a smaller budget than your estimate for your music video?

With a smaller animation budget than for a full 2D animated music, a seamless looping animation can be a great option. It can be used as a teaser for a new song, EP or album on social media including Instagram. It can also be used as a looping animated illustration on YouTube for the duration of the song.) We can also offer to make individual scenes, or a single illustration, you get the point.

how much does animation cost?

Animated Music Video Testimonials

Animated Music Video Artist Testimonial Quote

Animated music video pricing examples

“There is no I in team work, despite I’m a great writer I could of never made my vision come to life visually. With out one of the best Music Video Directors in the game/world. Anders took my vision and my Vinly Record to another level (From New York to the U.K.)! Thank you for painting a beautiful picture, it was a pleasure working together. Definitely looking forward to work together again on my next Master Peace! Sincerely King Francis (Francis Martin). Thank you Anders Sundstedt for your excellent body of work!”
Francis Martin
Francis Martin (BMI) Publishing

2D Animated Music Video Cost

The most recent multi-award-winning full 2D animated (lyric) music video ‘Fall Back Down‘ was for the artist SOFI K. I directed and created the animated video myself, based on a written synopsis from the client. This video works both as a full animated music video and a full animated lyric video. This video has a full linear story and show many shots and backgrounds.

“Anders is an amazing artist and animator! I had the pleasure of collaborating with him on a song I produced for Sofi K called “Fall Back Down.” The level of hard work and detail that he put into our music video was unbelievable. He is communicative and gives you detailed descriptions and options of ways to make something work. We sent him examples of some of the imagery, tone, and feel that we were looking for in our animation and he was able to masterfully incorporate these things in. We were blown away by his talent and the way our video came out. I think Anders is doing great things in the world of animation and will continue to impress the people he collaborates with. I’m hoping to work with him again in the future.”
Bryce Harding

You can find more music video testimonials from artists here.

For our 92 film festival official music video selections, nominations or awards (music video category), please visit the awards page.

Awards Price Ranges Page - Sundstedt Animation

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