Work in progress images from our new childrens dinosaur animation

Posted on Thursday, 31 March 2016

Update: This video has since been completed. To learn more go here.

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Work in progress images from our new childrens dinosaur animation

Work in progress images from our new chidrens animation
Here’s some photographs of work in progress of an animation we have been working on over the recent months. We recently received approval to show some artwork, character designs and backgrounds so we are posting some today. We would like to thank our client for allowing this. At this point we are not mentioning any client or brand names, since the video is not finished and published just yet.

animation production Scotland

taking designs and illustration to animation stage

It has been great fun to take all the hard work on the illustrations and awesome character designs to animation stage. This dinosaur video is aimed at kids and once it has been published we will let you know more. This video has taken almost two months to work on and we have done both all animations and illustrated assets, including backgrounds, props and character designs. It’s going to be a 3 minute long short animated film.

Our lastest animation to tech kids about important things

One of our longest videos to date

It’s been very busy here with the creation of assets and cute animations for one of our longest videos to date. Having fun though, coming up with high quality, detailed and interesting background scenery ready for 3D motion requires a lot of preparation, a lot of layers involved, a lot of busy days and weeks. With the fun animation there to explain something for young people, it’s important to keep them interested and we have revised the artwork and backgrounds with client to make further improvements and make it as perfect as possible.


Our latest story based kids video

These behind the scenes of our latest dinosaur childrens animation we hope will raise interest in the finished production, which is now ready and waiting for release. This will be one of our latest published animations. Our favorite thing was the story and we also really enjoyed doing a fully illustrated storyboard in color, based on the clients script and dialogue. The story features a dinosaur, a chicken and a cow. We had the chance to make the character concept designs and finished illustrations for the animation. We then took the cute character designs and used them in the storyboard with the locations specified in the script.

illustrated assets for our latest animated cartoon

Illustrating assets

Illustrating assets for our latest animation project on the old trusted Wacom, both with mouse and pen, this time we also invested in Lazy Nezumi Pro for much smoother lines. It’s rough sketches first, then handcrafted cleaning up and coloring. We never use stock artwork, all is made in-house from scratch. Why? Well we want to be unique, different and have 100% handcrafted style to everything that we make. The results are pretty awesome we think! (and so does our clients).


Our unusual style is a bit different

This time we only worked on desktop not on the iPad, have downloaded some new drawing apps for the iPad though and when there is time we will have a look at them as well. We use our own, different, unusual style, this time cartoony while the backgrounds are a little different as well with more detail, techniques are fairly similar to our work on the animated music video by The Mother.

learning a lot about character animation and keyframes

More 3D camera work

This video has more 3D motion though and more character animation. This means a lot of complex rigging of characters for this new expainer type animated cartoon. We have experience in doing this from our many previous animation projects which helps a lot. We have been learning a lot of this project, both about rigging, loops, timing, keyframes, compositing, masks and a lot more. We are really happy to make this video and we look forward to more kids video project in the future. Especially videos that teach kids about useful stuff in interesting topics. So please do remember us for your next animated video production idea.

animation after effects rigging characters

Thanks for reading and please do get in touch

We have completed all the concepts and they have been approved and we have been completing the animation and it feels good the be reaching the final of this project soon. We hope you enjoyed our work in progress images from our new childrens animation!
walk cycle GIF dinosaur

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