We Do Not Outsource Our Explainer Video Production

Posted on Monday, 16 June 2014

Explainer Video Production Example Video

Taking Diabetes To Heart – John’s story

Explainer Video Production

We are a leading explainer video production and animated how to video studio near Glasgow. We create animations for corporate video, demo videos, event marketing, how to videos and much more. We have the experience of providing corporate video production services to many different clients in many different industries, both for small and large businesses.

Quality over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity

We have our own production process and we do all the animation work ourselves. You get a better price and better quality, because we don’t take on more work than we can handle and we do not take shortcuts. The focus is on making the best possible video we can do in every single project. We keep improving the 7-step process we have, to design even better animated videos.

Explainer Videos by Sundstedt Animation

Because we do the explainer video production work ourselves, we have total control of the quality of the video and of the different stages in the process. Since we are small, we will let you know if there is a waiting list to start producing your explainer video or if we can start right away.

We Do Not Outsource Our Explainer Video Production

Want to know why we are not Outsourcing Explainer Video Production? Find out some of the key reasons here and why they benefit you the client:

You work with us directly, the project has a quicker turnaround. You will notice that many explainer video companies have a 2 month turnaround time for their videos, this is because they are outsourcing the work and not doing it themselves!

Top 21 Reasons for using Motion Graphics

We do the animation work ourselves and we think you will enjoy working with us as all our other clients have done. Please check out these testimonials for details.It will not take days to get a reply to an email you send us. Another difference working with us is also that you work directly with the director/animator/artist and you can expect a reply usually in hours during opening hours, without the hassle.

Video Production in Scotland

There is no 3rd party that you have to go through when discussing the project or sending emails or files. This is a massive difference if you care about the explainer video production not being delayed or progressing really slowly because of the waiting times and delays you have otherwise.

massive difference if you care about the explainer video production not being delayed

Did we mention the price? When you are working directly with us, there is no agency involved so you do get a better price, ya beauty!

We like working with managers

We like working with managers - Sundstedt Animation

Since we have our own clients in Scotland and abroad, we are used to working directly with the person in charge of operations at the company. This can be for example their CEO or Marketing Manager. This has given us the experience to work with them to produce the best possible explainer video. By working directly with the person in charge, there is less waiting time until individual scenes in the video are approved and there are less people involved in making decisions about the video.

Free Quote & Free Estimate

We like working with managers

It’s about awakening your best story and showing people what your brand is about. To get started and get a free initial quote for an animated video, all you need to provide are a few things like when you need it finished, the length of the the video and a project brief.

Free Quote & Free Estimate

For an exact price, we will need a script so we can estimate how much design, illustration and animation work is required for the video, since every video is custom made and handcrafted from scratch. Once you have the script, we can send you a set price in a personal detailed estimate for your video. This means you will know exactly how much your video will cost in advance. We will then send you this estimate/quote for consideration, for free.

Free Estimate - Sundstedt Animation

Invoice & Payment Terms

Invoice & Payment Terms - Sundstedt Animation

Once you have approved the estimate/quote, it is converted to an Invoice. The payment terms are very simple, we ask for 50% to begin the production and the rest on delivery/upload of the completed video.

2D Animated Explainers

That is all we wanted to say about Outsourcing Explainer Video Production. Thank you for listening!

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