Twitter and the Importance of Visual Content

Posted on Friday, 5 July 2013

twitter-logoWe want to mention Twitter and the Importance of Visual Content. Twitter is right now testing out visual content on a small number of Twitter users. If this is successful, image views may become a new automatic part of your experience on Twitter.

People on Twitter will no longer need to click on a tweet to view a post’s visual component. This is new and will be a huge change, not the least for online marketers and companies and start-ups.

Twitter has not released detailed information about when this feature would be available, but it is important for people in marketing to be aware of this as it’s going to change Twitter marketing.

You can’t use stock photography to get the attention of your followers. You will need original images, animations, graphics and photography to be more likely to succeed.

This we believe this will be implemented and either way we are 100% ready to create for you: custom, bespoke, original graphics and animations for your marketing purposes, as we never have and never will be using stock images in our productions.

Our mission is to provide extra high quality explainer videos at competitive prices. We know we have the best quality, come and see why!

Do you need an animated explainer video for your company? Are you looking for the most personal help and quality at affordable rates? Don’t hesitate in contacting us today to get started with a Free Quote!


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