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Posted on Saturday, 27 July 2013
Replace and Reconnect a PSD file in After Effects
Corporate Video Production Scotland
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Content marketing is a very popular online marketing area; it is a key marketing tool for brand building.

We are The Social Animated Video Content Marketing Specialists providing World leading bespoke online animated marketing video solutions to engage your digital audience with content.

Great content is what every brand needs to succeed online and we have the talent and resources to produce really great video content!

You may want to create both videos and infographics. As they say, ‘if a picture says a thousand words’… just imagine how many words an animated explainer video or infographics can say and how much faster they can do that than lengthy websites text and blog articles.

Sharing is a great but not sharing the same content that everyone else is doing.

Invest in truly original material with us, then be clever and take advantage of all the available social channels to distribute your original created content and you may want to combine this with paid content distribution.

You really should create and share original content. Most content marketing programs use content that you can get elsewhere! With us all the visuals are custom made to fit your company, no stock artwork is used.

To effectively engage in content marketing for your small business, you need to create and share media, such as videos and infographics that can have a positive impact and add value to the web experience of targeted online users.

Naturally not all companies are suited to become media companies or create content that anybody wants to view, this is why may want to consider hiring us for the creation of your social animated video and explainer video content for your site and social media channels.


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Replace and Reconnect a PSD file in After Effects
Corporate Video Production Scotland