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Adobe Scripting LogoLoad Adobe Actions...The Adobe Creative Suite provides a wide range of powerful tools for programming and integration. One of these tools are the scripting languages available across the suite, which provide a low-cost method of creating integrations.

Sundstedt Animation have experience in Adobe Scripting for Photoshop and After Effects, especially JavaScript for Photoshop & After Effects:

  • We can help provide scripting solutions to repetitive tasks and and develop custom scripts for you specific needs.
  • We can also combine Photoshop scripting with Actions and we have the experience to record a set of actions and convert these into a .jsx script that you can Load and run in Photoshop.
  • We work with experienced Adobe Scripting programmers and artists and can help both with the creative/design and the scripting needs to optimize your production pipeline.
  • You may have a set of actions you need to carry out frequently but are not possible to record only using Photoshop actions alone.
  • Scripts that we have already developed are for example After Effects keyframe nudge script and other useful scripts and Actions.
  • We can also provide training in the use of certain plug-ins and how to create Actions and basic script programming skills and how to use the ScriptingListener Plug-In.


Contact us to discuss what you need and we will have a look at what you need, see if we can help and we can give you a quote on the cost.

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Script Example: After Effects Repeater Script

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