3D Graphics – modeling, rendering, animation and lighting.

3d modeling sundstedt

Custom made 3D design and animation services

3D work includes product visualization, modeling, animation, rendering and lighting. Clients include product developers, television, animation studios, agencies and feature film production.

iPhone_6-Template-White-Ramotion-Anders4Sundstedt Animation creates custom models, animations and images on request. Our 3D Services include VFX, Product Visualization & Digital Media. If you commission animation & VFX for TV, Film Production or Digital media call us today! We can transform your ideas into stunning 2.5D/3D animations.

An example of 3D Graphics service: modeling, lighting, material, rendering and a simple animation of a product.

In this project, we created images and video using client supplied CAD manufacturing data to model and render a set of images for use in product promotion on the client’s new product and sales website.

4 chair model version in 3D

Custom Made 2.5D / 3D Animated Cartoon Videos

We also produce our very own unique 2.5D style of animations where we combine 2D and 3D animation to create our own custom made 2.5D animated short films and explainer videos that include 3D camera movements, depth of field, lights, shadows and 3D depth.

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3D Motion Graphics / Data Visualization

We create colorful 3D animated infographics including bespoke 3D graphs and charts, whatever style you are looking for.

3D Animated Graphs and Charts

So let’s create something awesome together. Get in touch or email us at [email protected] today to see if we can help you with your 3D project.

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