Review: Advanced training – After Effects CS3 Professional Beyond the Basics

Posted on Thursday, 13 December 2007

After Effects CS3 Professional Beyond the Basics shows how to take After Effects to the next level. Instructor Chad Perkins shares his best tips and tricks for mastering After Effects CS3 Professional, and takes viewers through each of the program’s advanced features.

I completed the study of this 9.5 hours of video training on today. I found it very useful, and it did indeed teach me a lot of tricks that I will be able to use in future productions and daily use of After Effects CS3. Some of the sections I found most useful where the sections on HDR, Blend Modes, Animation Presets, Fractal Noise and Shatter. Other great sections where the Particle Systems ones, Mastering Masks and Motion Tracking. The training where of high quality, entertaining, useful and where all relevant skills to have as an Advanced After Effects CS3 user.

There where never a point where any of the training material became dull or boring, Chad is good at keeping you interested, and I ended up re-visiting many lessons over and over again, to make sure I grasped every concept perfectly. My free month of I got from attending an Adobe seminar has seriously made me consider joining on a monthly basis, as long as I can find the time to get value for money!

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