Windows 10 Defender Advanced Threat Protection Whiteboard Video

Our client asked us to design, illustrate and direct an animated whiteboard explainer video for Microsoft Sweden about Windows 10 Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). The first in a series of 5 short animated films.


Client: The Content Family
End Client: Microsoft
Category: Whiteboard Video
Production: Sundstedt Animation
Art Direction: Anders Sundstedt
Design: Anders Sundstedt
Illustration: Anders Sundstedt
Animation: Anders Sundstedt
Length: 01:24

The Challenge

The client got in touch with a script, asking us to create a custom made animated whiteboard video for Microsoft.

The Solution | Case Study

To help our client we developed a unique, detailed, sleek and effective animated whiteboard explainer video design, with our own personal style. This whiteboard video helps promote Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). A new Windows 10 service that helps customers detect, investigate and respond to targeted and advanced attacks on their network.

This whiteboard video has now been added to YouTube. To help ensure full knowledge of the product features and advantages, we came up with an improved animated whiteboard video design, created our own hand-made illustration style and made it truly consistent in all five films we created for this collection of animated whiteboard videos. We also included the client’s brand colours in all our illustrations, artwork and animations.

One of our recommendations, which would help explain the content, was to embed custom-made and original animated GIF images into the films. This meant that the client was able to explain the product better thanks to the added lively animated elements in the whiteboard video. The usage of animated GIF images also contributed to a smoother experience, helping the video come to life.

The detailed, hand-drawn artwork truly give an overall cool cartoon experience, whilst nevertheless corporate and professional. The whiteboard video process begins with handcrafted illustrations, which we then turn into a whiteboard video by transforming the illustrations so they are ready to be “drawn” with the aid of a “real” hand, allowing the well-known benefits of animated whiteboard videos. Our own consistent illustration style prevents confusion and we created ten unique and detailed illustrations for the scenes about the product, in this animated whiteboard explainer video.

The animated whiteboard video we made is fully editable, allowing brief and smooth future updates. While the whiteboard video we made is in Swedish, it could be used in other countries as we ensured the whiteboard video was suitable for any audience, by avoiding Swedish texts or symbols in the video. The voice-over can also be replaced with another language. While it is important to keep the voice over length roughly the same lengths, we can edit the timings of the animations to match perfectly with a new VO language.

We executed full checking of the completed video on select systems, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, to help ensure complete usability. Working in close collaboration with our client, this allowed us to fully understand what is needed within the video. After receiving client feedback on the designs and animations, we then implemented all the changes based on the client feedback on the animated whiteboard films, ensuring a far greater and more impactful whiteboard video result.

Microsoft Film 1
Microsoft Film 2
Microsoft Film 3
Microsoft Film 4
Microsoft Film 5

Behind The Scenes

Windows 10 Defender Advanced Threat Protection Whiteboard Video Behind The Scenes Rough Sketch



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