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Posted on Sunday, 31 August 2014
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Motion Design

Motion Design Service Available

Service Description:

We’re available to create Motion Design, creating high quality motion graphics with speed, for use across all media platforms. We can graphically present your stories across the web.

We’re experienced at working alongside Producers, Managers, CEO’s and Art Directors, creating motion graphics and short-form explainers and demo videos, for demos, documentaries, educational videos and other animated content for web, TV, film and multimedia use.

multiple media use

We are highly skilled in animation and have significant experience of creating motion graphics. We are also interested in visualizing and data explaining in digital, multimedia, infographic design, TV and online journalism.

We are available to take on fixed term contracts, both short projects and longer term projects.

Work samples and reel is avilable on our website

Kind Regards,

The friendly folks at Sundstedt Animation


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Anders is the Founder and Owner at Sundstedt Animation, where he creates handcrafted animated explainer videos, music videos and whiteboard videos. He lives in Glasgow, Scotland and enjoys film and photography. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

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