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Posted on Sunday, 31 August 2014

Motion Design Service Description

Motion Design Service - Fabulous Video Examples from Sundstedt Animation

Sundstedt Animation is a UK based motion design, animation and illustration company that offers motion graphics services worldwide. We provide a complete motion design service from conception and storyboarding through to animation and compositing. We’re available to create Motion Design, creating high quality motion graphics with speed, for use across all media platforms.

Motion Design Service - Sundstedt Animation Studio

We can graphically present your stories across the web and we make videos for any mission. Our passion is to make great motion design animations and we have done a lot of animated works in these past years, many have provided a written testimonial for us.

Sundstedt Animation is a UK based motion design

portraying complex subjects to the viewer in a more easy to understand way

We’re experienced at working alongside Producers, Managers, CEO’s and Art Directors, creating motion graphics and short-form explainers and demo videos, for demos, documentaries, educational videos and other animated content for web, TV, film and multimedia use.

Explaining complex subject in an easy to understand way using video

We’re always looking for interesting ways of portraying complex subjects to the viewer in a more easy to understand way, thereby helping your get your message across. We focus on making videos that bring companies product or service to life, using 100% custom made animations and graphics.

portraying complex subjects to the viewer in a more easy to understand way

Offering comprehensive motion graphic capabilities

Sundstedt Animation is a design driven motion design and animation production studio that strives to produce high end motion graphics for mainly online marketing and explainer videos. We are highly skilled in animation and have significant experience of creating motion graphics, offering comprehensive motion graphic capabilities.

Offering comprehensive motion graphic capabilities - film festival selections

We love making animated things, we like to play around with new client ideas and we never settle for the ordinary. We are also interested in visualizing and data explaining in digital, multimedia, infographic design, TV and online journalism. Work samples are avilable on our website video portfolio page. Get in touch to discuss your idea!

Ready to get started?

IDF Animation Project - Sundstedt Animation

Motion graphic design work experience

We are available to take on fixed term contracts, both short projects and longer term projects. We are a post and motion design service providing high end animated graphics for production houses, agencies, studios, direct clients and broadcasters. Our motion graphic design work experience started in 2004, when founder Anders moved from Sweden to Sheffield, UK and started his first permanent job using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop full time.

motion graphic design work experience - Sundstedt Animation

Sundstedt Animation is now located in Scotland and we can help with both motion graphics and more traditional 2D animation methods. The type of motion graphics, motion design and animation services include but is not limited to:

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The friendly folks at Sundstedt Animation

Videos going viral - Sundstedt Animation


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