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Posted on Wednesday, 30 November 2011
2D animation for your app or website
How To Reboot Your Brain (2D Video)


Anders is available to help digital studios that specializes in creating original programming and video content for online distribution.

Anders is a graphic designer / illustrator / Photoshop artists and animator creating original art for original properties. His character designs and animations are released via YouTube, Vimeo and other distribution channels. The artwork and Photoshop editing he does are also used on websites.

He is available on a project-to-project freelance basis but he is also looking to establish an ongoing relationship. Anders can take direction and work under time constraints, with the ability to design characters and animations for an existing script, VO or storyboard.

Check out his reels for examples of 2D animation and his about page for more details.


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2D animation for your app or website
How To Reboot Your Brain (2D Video)