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Posted on Sunday, 26 October 2008
Work Trip - Landstuhl, Germany
Maya - Matchmoving 101 - Nodal Pan

Houdini 9.5 public beta

I will be focusing on Houdini 9.5 in the near future. Exploring this award winning software further to develop my skillset. If you are looking for someone with Maya and Houdini experience, you have found the right person. I was learning Houdini back in version 7, but since then my focus has been mainly on Maya. Thus now I’ve decided to concentrate more on Houdini and learn as much as possible.

I will be posting various findings and videos here as I go along. Any feedback is appreciated.

See you all on the Houdini Apprentice Forum!

About Houdini 9.5

Artists who want the benefits of using Apprentice HD 9.5, can purchase it now from the Houdini Store and the 9.5 license will continue to work once Houdini 9.5 is released. Older Houdini Apprentice HD licenses purchased before May 12th can be upgraded through the Houdini Store for $69.

Anyone who purchased Houdini Apprentice HD after March 31st to test Houdini for Mac OS X, will not need to upgrade. Also Apprentice HD customers on Windows and Linux who purchased after May 12th will also not need to upgrade. A permanent license will be sent to you within the next week.


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Work Trip - Landstuhl, Germany
Maya - Matchmoving 101 - Nodal Pan
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