Ease and Wizz After Effects Expression Demo

Posted on Thursday, 7 December 2023

Stumbled upon an old animation loop from 2016 I made as a quick little guide to interpolation expressions. This animated GIF loop simply demonstrates the wonders of “Ease and Wizz” in After Effects. These easing expressions are like a toolkit for refining motion and making those value interpolations seamless and smooth.

Ease and Wizz demo - Sundstedt Animation

For anyone keen on upping their animation game, each circle in the GIF showcases a different expression – there’s the smooth operator “Sine,” the robust “Quad,” and the nuanced “Back.”

Which expressions do you swear by and why? Is “Sine” your go-to for its smooth transitions, or does “Quad” steal the spotlight?

This isn’t just a stroll down memory lane; consider it an open invitation to share your creative playbook. Calling all Ae animation enthusiasts—what are your go-to easing expressions, your secret weapons in the toolkit? And hey, do you have any other expressions or expression plugins up your sleeve? If so, spill the beans on when and how you unleash their magic!

Drop your thoughts in the comments and let’s build a shared knowledge pool for mastering After Effects magic! #AfterEffects #Animation #EasingExp

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