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Posted on Monday, 22 October 2012
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Designing Your Logo

Your company logo is a very important things your business or organization will need. Since it’s the very first thing your clients see on your website, twitter, facebook and any of your advertising or literature, and it’s part of what the judge your company on. Your company logo will often stay with your business for as long as it exists. understand this and put a lot of time and energy into creating a very professional logo that you will enjoy, in a reasonable amount of time.

These are the steps used in the process:

  1. You provide information about what your company or organization does. Perhaps you have an idea on what colors and styles of Logo you would like and can explain what your target clients, audience and visitors of website are.
  2. Based on this discussion, a 2-3 options drafts are created at a starting fee of 50%. Cost is as little as £200, so £100 to start the work and the rest on delivery.
  3. You study these alternatives, give feedback and decide what you think will work best with your target audience in mind. You can mention any final tweaks you would like in the finished version.
  4. The logo is finalized. When you are happy with the logo, it can be provided in any file format and resolution you prefer. Lead time is typically a week and cost depends on the style of logo you have in mind but typically £200.


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Seeking a Motion Graphics Designer?
After Effects Expert available
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