Are you a CEO in Glasgow interested in telling your business story?

Posted on Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Are you a CEO in Glasgow interested in telling your business story?

Glasgow CEO


We have handcrafted over 20 Explainer Videos for clients including startups and larger companies in Scotland. We take the time to understand your brief and we produce bespoke animated videos that tells your story. We always try to create videos that gives results. Here is a case study to give you an example of previous successful projects.


Always custom made – no stock artwork

We never create work using templates or stock illustrations. We love telling a story through beautiful, 100% custom made animated images. We create our animated videos all from scratch. Everything is custom made, all videos are handcrafted, no drag and drop, no stock illustrations and assets, no stock characters, no subscriptions, not preset based. We believe the advantage from our extra level of detail far outweighs using any standard template design. As a result, your animated video will be unique, not like a cheap looking ‘point and click’ online video.

Custom Made Design & Animation by Sundstedt Animation

Quality not quantity

No budget increase and no project delays

We always provide a set price and we always provide our projects on time. We are proud of our excellent customer service and we are focused on providing our best work, treating every project as a chance to further improve our work, processes, skills and customer satisfaction.

To see our simple 8 step animated video process and find out how we work go here.

Call us today on 07531 800 711 to talk us through your project or email us and we’ll provide you a simple, free quote. We would love to tell your story.


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