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Posted on Sunday, 22 February 2015
Artist or a band wanting an animated music video?
Why should I get an explainer video for my website?

animated web video product

Experience in animated web video production

With an extensive hands-on experience within the Explainer Video & Animation Industry, Sundstedt Animation offers a complete and comprehensive range of high quality animated we videos, medical animation and animated web video design services. We are available to discuss any type of animated online video, from you initial ideas on what you are looking for, we can help you in creating the perfect video for what you have in mind.

Available up to 12 hours per day

Available up 16 hours per day

We are available around the clock, up to 12 hours per day on email and Live Online Chat, whether it’s to deliver complete animated explainer video projects, to digital illustration, motion design and quirky animation web videos we can really give your project that special edge with out unique, handcrafted styles. Our full service in animation production is there for any urgent request, quick chat and email response to discuss what you need. To discuss your video needs, we are available for a chat from 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday on the following number: +44(0)7531 800 711, we could be busy so please try and get in touch early if you need your video ASAP. We are also available to discuss your project needs on weekends.

Commercial Video Production Worldwide

commercial animation production available worldwide

Animation and motion graphics are a great way to deliver a message or concept that works. Commercial video production company Sundstedt Animation from Glasgow, Scotland, UK are a complete animated web video studio. We are available to work in the following UK regions, as well as worldwide.

Quality not quantity

Quality not quantity

From high end animated video explainers to 3D animation, we do understand that as a company are looking for quality, so we spend all our time working to deliver you the best possible product we can create. We are small but available for animation projects of all sizes, while our expertise lies in the area of short animated films. To watch some of our work, just go to our online portfolio.

Quality Voice Overs

quality voice overs

Voice-Acting: We can get the voice over made, by experienced voice over artists, we work with a number of artist that we have hand picked for the best quality and service, and the voice over can be included in the quote for the video if you want us to provide it, or you can provide your own voice over (please note that most of the time the voice over recorded after the storyboard with narrative is ready, different from our figure above).

Unique and Quirky Animated Videos

unique and quirky video

We are an animation business with a twist, because our videos are made 100% from scratch and are quirky on purpose, made in a more hand drawn style. Most videos are made in our own style, including all artwork and animations, while we are able to create your video in a different style if you want, for example motion graphics.

Online Communication

online communication

2D and 3D animations are a very powerful to persuade your customers or educate them about what you do. We are available for face-to-face meetings in Scotland, while most our client communication are actually done via email, phone and online chat, which works really well as you can see from the results. Almost all of our work has been produced via online communication entirely.

We are currently available and look forward to work with you!

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Artist or a band wanting an animated music video?
Why should I get an explainer video for my website?
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