After Effects Specialist – Freelance Available

Posted on Friday, 5 July 2013

AEDo you need freelance motion graphics experts who specialize in Adobe After Effects, primarily animating explainer videos and infographics videos? If you need help, please get in touch today, send a brief email explaining what you need or use the get starter form if you want us to do the entire video.

Your company / agency must be:

– Flexible to work with us remotely – we are located in Scotland and we mainly work off site for short term projects (but we can do on site if you are based in the Glasgow area).

– Willing to pay 50% off the fee at start of production.

– Not be wanting work done for free.

– Having a reasonable deadline for us to complete the work.

You can find out more about our work from our web site Sundstedt Animation where you will find work samples, videos, reel, portfolio and a lot more.

To hire us as After Effects Specialist:

Please email us using our contact form, with a link to your company and a short brief.

We will contact you asap.


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