After Effects Motion Graphic Designer Available

Posted on Sunday, 23 September 2012

After Effects Motion Graphic Designer Available

I am a a talented motion graphic designer and artist with fantastic Adobe After Effects skills. I am looking for a Motion Graphic Design job at a company in the Glasgow area or off site remote work anywhere to produce motion graphics and 3D animation across a range of subjects.

As an After Effects Motion Graphic Designer I can assist with the production of motion graphics and 3D animation from concept to delivery. I have experience in designing, creating assets, bringing them to life, modelling, animation and delivering high quality innovative motion graphic videos. I specialize in the creation of handcrafted animated 2D explainer videos, demo- and other online videos.

I have very strong Adobe After Effects skills and have professional experience in motion graphics. For samples of my After Effects Motion Graphic Designer work go to my animations page. I am a very creative person, able to create high quality content from a brief or script and I am used to working to short deadlines. My portfolio of work demonstrates a range of styles and techniques. With 3.5 years experience as an interactive DVD game author I also have an advanced understanding of video compression and format requirements. I have 17 years of Adobe Photoshop experience and excellent Maya and After Effects skills.

So if you have been looking for a motion graphic designer, artist or animator, I am the guy for you! Go the the contact page to get in touch with me. For my showreel and samples go to the animations page and my online portfolio of 2D/3D images.

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