After Effects: Apply tracking data to a new target

Posted on Friday, 10 December 2010

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Applying tracking data stored in one layer to a new target

I was studying After Effects CS5 trying to use the tracking from a flying helicopter in a video layer and apply this to the transform of a burning fire in another layer. This is what I found:

After you’ve tracked a motion source layer, you can apply the tracking data stored on that layer to any number of other target layers and effect control points. For example, you can apply the track to the position of a light bulb and to the effect control point of the Lens Flare effect.

  1. In the Tracker panel, choose the tracked layer from the Motion Source menu.
  2. Choose the track that contains the tracking data you want from the Current Track menu.
  3. Click Edit Target, and choose the target.
  4. In the Tracker panel, click the Apply button.

I copied the tracked layer from it’s comp to the comp where I wanted to use the tracking, since I didn’t see any other option available. If there is please let me know!

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