5 Best Startup Explainer Videos Ever

Posted on Thursday, 11 July 2013

We have put together a list of the 5 best startup explainer videos ever that we have created so far. After being inspired by another website, we have put together this list of our best videos in this category.

The videos in our list are all in the explainer video & demo video category, you know the videos that explains a product or business in 1-2 minutes. So here it is, the list of our 10 best explainer videos ever!

(We did not rank this list by our own taste or what we want to be the top 5 videos, instead we calculated the number of views divided by how long the videos has been available online, plus some extra points for the number of ‘likes’ etc. In this list we purely used the stats from Vimeo, the number of plays on YouTube were not counted, or on the clients websites):

#5. Quantum of Solstice

#4. Dibbee

#3. Oristem

#2. 100 Years in marketing

#1. Zestica

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