2D Cartoon / Animator Available

Posted on Sunday, 1 May 2011

I can design and animate 2d animated short films and videos. I can design everything from scratch including:

  • 2d character concept design
  • storyboards based on your script
  • finished colored vector character designs
  • 2d background artwork design / illustration and animation.
  • props artwork and background objects
  • compositing characters / props / backgrounds
  • animation of characters and scene objects / cut-out style
  • lip synch animation of 2d character to dialogue
  • delivery of work in progress scenes.
  • final delivery in 1080p AVI or 1080p H.264 (QuickTime).
  • on-time delivery & attention to detail
  • production experience of 2 minute animated short
  • virals / commercials / information short films
  • friendly and quick to respond to emails

Please contact me today to discuss your next project!

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