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Posted on Sunday, 24 August 2014

Web Design Illustration - Sundstedt Animation

In this post we are highlighting the benefits of adding illustrations in a themed web design. Let yourself be inspired by taking a cool trip of the different, custom made toon illustrations used in all our animations that will surely get you interested in adding creative character illustrations, mascots or infographics to your website design.

adding illustrations in a themed web design

Using Illustrated Images in Website Design

Illustrative web design is a very original and strongly showcase a brand. Illustrations communicate company and website personality and skill. Illustration can turn the most average looking website into something really awesome, something which identifies with the company and communicates the brand and your story.

Background Illustrations - Sundstedt Animation

By learning how to boost your web design with custom illustrations, once the illustrations have been created, you can improve your website in minutes.

Web Design Illustration - Anders Sundstedt

Just because you choose illustration, it doesn’t mean it has to be unsophisticated. We can create both more corporate illustration and more cartoony illustrations.

Cartoon Illustration - Anders Sundstedt

Future Proof

The web is always undergoing big changes, but the role illustrations can play in a a high quality web design workflow is always changing too and can adapt to these changes.

Web Design Illustration by Sundstedt Animation

Many trends in web design come and go, but by using illustration, that you know always stay around, you can make sure your site has a unique look and style.

Animated web videos can be a powerful promotional piece if it's done right

Advanced tools such Photoshop and Illustrator makes a strong case for using in website design. Designing web sites using illustrations is now the norm, not all web designers are artist or illustrators, but most web designers are happy using illustrations as part of the website design.

Biotech, Medical & Pharmaceutical Animation | Sundstedt

Using stock images makes your brand invisible

The common use of stock images and photography has left the internet filled with “perfect” looking images all using the same sources for images and this will truly risk rendering your brand virtually invisible. If your branding is using the same images that everyone else is using, you need to change it.

website design illustration

Replace stock images with personalized images

One of the many benefits of custom made illustration is that it’s totally customized and personalized for your own brand.

Get in Touch about Web Illustration - Sundstedt Animation

By replacing stock photography and stock illustrations with original illustration you are showing to your customers what you stand for, what you feel, what you really believe in, telling your story in a more truthful way.

Need an animated whiteboard video producer?

An Endless range of ideas

When you combine illustrations this with your typography and your message, your brand will stand out from the rest like it never could do using stock images.

The great thing about illustrations in web design is that you always have an enormous amount of styles and ideas to use and implement when designing a website, taking the design further by incorporating flat illustrations.

International Diabetes Federation 2D Animation - Sundstedt Animation (0-00-41-09)

About our website illustration service

Sundstedt Animation offer many ways for giving your website a unique look, but none is more effective than added some custom made, awesome illustrated elements for the website. We are a professional animation and illustration studio based near Glasgow, Scotland.

Videos Director - Glasgow Scotland

We work with businesses across Glasgow, Scotland, The UK and Globally. Because of the (boring) uniformity found on the internets, adding some fun, handcrafted illustrated elements from Sundstedt Animation to your web site design, it’s a really nice opportunity make it stand out from the competition.

About our illustration service - Sundstedt Animation

This website theme is not built using illustrations, but features many of our illustrations as part of the pages content, our blog post content and more.

web design illustrations by Sundstedt Animation

The kind of illustration services we provide to clients include abstract design items for websites; image design and backgrounds for brochures, leaflets, books, literature, blogs, advertising and animation.

Sundstedt Animation Web Video Illustration

Listening and Communicating your message

Our illustration, animation and graphic design studio offer both pixel and vector illustration and are friendly, honest, on time and affordable.

Album Cover Artist - Sundstedt Animation

We know that a good illustrator also needs to be a good listener. You tell use the message you want to communicate and what you wish your consumers to feel and we take care of the rest. We may be able to create something you never would have imagined on your own.

Illustration & Animation Production for websites - Sundstedt Animation

Get in touch to discuss your illustration needs today.

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