Videos to Dominate in 2016

Posted on Sunday, 4 January 2015

Why Video Content Will Dominate 2015

Videos to Dominate in 2016

Video isn’t just simply for entertainment purposes anymore. Today’s web users want to be entertained! A video is a strong visual content tool for intriguing your site visitors and to understand what your startup / business does. Now with millions of videos added to the internet each day, they are making a really big impact on how people market their startup or corporation on the internet. Why is video is so important and why should you consider adding it to your marketing strategy?

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There is a mobile video revolution happening right now; where YouTube is 2nd in searches with around 40 percent of YouTube’s traffic come from mobile devices. Thanks to mobile, Google and YouTube, people expect to be able to access all content anywhere, so make sure the video is available to them. So add some videos to your website. Create animated or filmed video ads. By having videos on different platforms will help ensure you can reach people anywhere.


Video Engagement in 2016: Websites today require strong, original visual content, especially in the form of videos. Animated Videos are known to be engaging and videos are also great for mobile page users. Your visitors and customers are viewing your website from their mobiles and naturally they want to be entertained as well. This is where videos provide a great opportunity to engage your websites visitors by allowing them a quick, simple platform to be both informed and amused.

Videos have quickly become the preferred medium for marketing agencies to communicate with prospects and customers online and this trend is looking to continue in 2016.

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