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Posted on Saturday, 17 January 2015

What is Mobile Responsive Design?

When your website design is mobile responsive, the layout and content responds / adapts based on the size of the mobile device it is being displayed on. A mobile responsive website design changes to fit the device you are viewing it on automatically, typically on some tablets and mobile phones / smartphones.

Our videos are delivered to and hosted on Vimeo, so when you have a mobile responsive design, our videos can adapt to the device you are viewing it on.

Below is an example screenshot for the Givvit website, which is mobile responsive. As the device screen is smaller, here viewed on an Android phone (a Galaxy S3 with a screen resolution of 576 x 1024 pixels) the website content including videos, text and other content in responsive design view changes to the best display for that particular screen:

Our own website Sundstedt Animation is also designed to be mobile responsive, using WPtouch and all videos are embedded using the Vimeo embedding code and different fonts are also used when viewing with mobile devices, using our own custom code. You can view our website on your mobile devices and it will respond to this and instead of showing the desktop version, it will adapt / respond to your device automatically and display the mobile responsive version that fits the device you are using:

responsive website design

If you are using WordPress with the excellent WPtouch plugin, then you also have many other options to configure your responsive website, for example you can insert social sharing links, Mobile / Desktop switch buttons and other social media link icons, as seen in the image above.

So next time your are looking for a web video for your new cool app and / or your desktop website, you only need one single video from us and your mobile responsive design will be able to view it in a suitable size. We also provide several additional downloadable resolutions of the video, free of charge.

Your YouTube videos should also adapt in a mobile responsive design with the correct settings.

Do you have a website? Have your company developed an app? Are you looking for an explainer video for your website? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then why don’t you have a free chat with us now using the CHAT LIVE NOW button at the bottom of your mobile responsive device version of this website, or at the bottom right hand side on a desktop browser window? We are also available for a chat on the phone or mobile, or drop us an email at hello[at]sundstedt.co.uk explaining what you need and we will do our best to help.

Thank you for reading this post about Videos in Mobile Responsive Design, hopefully it was helpful to you.

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