The use of 2D Animation In the Healthcare, Biotech and Medical Industries

Posted on Monday, 19 December 2022

The Use Of 2D Animation In The Healthcare, Biotech And Medical Industries

Over the years, we have created a lot of Medical Animations, Explainer Videos, Illustrations, Marketing Videos, Education Videos, and How-To Videos for world-leading Healthcare, Health, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Companies. Over the last 12 years, Sundstedt Animation has produced digital animation for many products and services for the worlds leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical companies, and won more than 18 animated video awards. Working with global pharma, biotech and medical companies, we have developed animated commercials and animated explainer videos using visual storytelling, from scratch.

Medical animated videos are an excellent resource for marketing medical products and medical training for healthcare industries and Pharmaceutical companies. Medical animation videos can enhance the visualisation for students, and they can assist medical professors to describe procedure details more effectively. 2D animated videos can help medical device manufacturers present the workings of their devices innovatively and attractively to different audiences.

Medical equipment manufacturers can utilize animation videos for demonstrations and effectively engage a larger number of healthcare professionals and the general public with their tools. Once the drug company has its audience’s attention, a 2D medical animation can either deliver logical information or in marketing terms, provide emotional incentives that will encourage viewers to buy. The pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries have understood the power of two-dimensional animations, and they have capitalized on content and visuals created by the collaborative work of scientists and 2D artists to capture their audience’s attention.

Not just for patients, 2D animated healthcare videos have dramatically changed how hospitals, staff, and medical schools educate, communicate, and share information. Pharmaceutical companies use 2D animated medical videos to convey information, communicate updates, and explain new drugs. Sundstedt Animation produces high-quality, 2-D medical animations and 2.5-D visualizations used in biotechnology and pharmaceutical marketing, continuing medical education, patient education, LED magnet manufacturing, and test-room displays.

Sundstedt Animation is a global, full-service provider of high-end 2D medical animations and illustrations to the pharma and biotech industries and education institutions around the world. Medical animation is an educational video or film created using motion graphics to explain a mechanism of action (MOA) of a medical device, biomedical technology, pharma medicine, or an anatomical or biological process. Whether you have a sensitive topic you want to address, or you want to illustrate medical procedures, 2D animation can be the tool to break down complicated information, engage audiences, and tap into their human emotions.

No matter what healthcare industry your company is working in, 2D animation can be a multi-purpose investment that can be reused across various marketing campaigns and social media. With a short, yet compelling, 2D animated video, you can give viewers a fast, engaging overview of what your health practice or hospital has to offer. One intended audience of your animated video may be doctors, and to appeal to that audience, Sundstedt Animation has focused on 2D/2.5D animated explainer videos and animated whiteboard videos.

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