The Importance of a Kickstarter Video

Posted on Thursday, 4 July 2013

Do you need an animated explainer video for your company? Are you looking for the most personal help and quality at affordable rates? Don’t hesitate in contacting us today to get started with a Free Quote!

Kickstarter VideoThis article is about the importance of a Kickstarter video. According to the Kickstarter website, they say that projects with videos succeed at a much higher rate (50%) than those without a video (30%) and they are the best way to get a feel for the emotions, motivations, and character of a project on Kickstarter. If you are interested in a Kickstarter video and want to hire someone to help you create it, we are more than happy to give you an exact, free quote so you know exactly how much it is going to cost. It will not cost you as much as you may think!

We know that making a video can be intimidating. Sundstedt Animation can help you as we have the experience in producing many high quality animated demo videos and explainer videos to explain your product, service or idea in 60 seconds. Our videos are between 60 and 120 seconds on average. Please Note: It’s very important to convince the viewer of the Kickstarter video to invest in your video within seconds, since viewers generally have a short attention span.

You could hire a big agency and pay a lot of money for you video, but since we are the ‘little guy’, we can offer you a very competitive price for your start-up or Kickstarter project.

Custom original artworkYou could go with a company that use stock artwork, images, characters & templates OR you could decide your project is important enough not to use standard, stock imagery and instead be original and have unique, bespoke, handcrafted original artwork and animation. We don’t use any stock or templates so by hiring us to make your video, you can be sure to get a video that’s not yet another “Meet Bob” video. We love making animated films and that it’s what we do, so we stick to what we know!

thumbs_8_0We don’t offer an hourly rate or day rate for the production of your animated Kickstarter Video, instead we give you the exact final price before the project starts. This way you know for certain that your Kickstarter video will be within your budget. We make sure to only work with clients that we feel are a good match with our style and the kind of projects we want to be involved with. We have to turn down some projects and ‘time wasters’ because we want to focus on quality not quantity.

The process is really simple, we use our own unique 8 step process in the production of your Kickstarter video and you will get previews and regular updates on the progress and we have always delivered our videos on time and within budget. We can also help you in promoting your video online and how to embed your video with embedding code. All our videos are created in full 1080p HD and are available to download for you at any time you wish.

Creating an Animated Video takes time!We never rush or cut corners in the creation of our animated films, so you need to allow at least 4 weeks for us to complete your Kickstarter video. Since we pay attention to every detail in creating your video, the most we can produce even if it’s really urgent is 2 weeks per 60 seconds of video. If 60 seconds is not enough, a 2 minute video for example will take us at least 4 weeks to make. There are a lot more work that goes into the creation of an animated demo video or explainer video than many people may think when they watch a 60 second video. The company, agency or freelancer can easily have spent 8 weeks on creating it. This goes for original videos that are custom made. If you want to go for some kind of template or standard graphics and characters, then perhaps you can get it faster, but don’t expect it to be as awesome as the videos that are handcrafted from scratch.

Let's Go!To Get Started having your own Kickstarter video made, you can use our online form to get a Free Quote and to give us an idea of what kind of video you are looking for and your budget and time frame.

P.S. Thank your for your time. We look forward to (hopefully) be making your First Kickstarter Video to help you have success with your project.



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