The creation of the 2d animated lyric music video for Fall Back Down

Posted on Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Throwback to my creation of the 2d animated lyric music video for “Fall Back Down” by SOFI K. This project was a wonderful journey of storytelling through animation, where every frame was meticulously designed and animated to bring the song to life, in collaboration with the artist.

Witness the Official Lyric Video for SOFI K – Fall Back Down

From storyboarding to design to animation, every aspect of this video was crafted by myself with passion and precision. The result? An award-winning piece that resonated with audiences and critics alike, earning awards and official selections in film festival categories such as Best Music Video, Director Music Video, and Cinematography.

Intrigued by the possibility of a meticulously designed animated music video for your track?

The Sunday Shorts Film Festival described it as having “catchy music and beautiful voice. The animation is well edited and has a good pace to it accentuating the rhythm of the song.”

This project serves as a testament to the power of animation in music videos, and the limitless potential it offers for creative expression. If you’re intrigued by the possibility of a meticulously designed animated music video for your track, feel free to reach out here or email [email protected] Let’s create something extraordinary together!

The video’s direction, design, storyboarding, illustration, animation, and editing were all masterfully executed by Anders Sundstedt at Sundstedt Animation.
Sofi K - Sundstedt Animation Music Videos

Complete Credits for the Lyric Video

Artist: SOFI K
Album: WAR
Video Category: 2D Animated (Lyric) Music Video
Video Director: Anders Sundstedt
Storyboard: Anders Sundstedt
Animation Studio: Sundstedt Animation
Video Synopsis: Bryce Harding
Design & Illustration: Anders Sundstedt
Character Design: Anders Sundstedt
Animation: Anders Sundstedt
Artwork & Illustration: Anders Sundstedt
Art Direction: Anders Sundstedt
Editor: Anders Sundstedt
Post: Anders Sundstedt
Color Grading: Anders Sundstedt
Record Label: Edge Blue Records

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