Environmental 3d modeling & texturing designs of heritage buildings

Posted on Wednesday, 23 May 2007

ThumbSamIn the quest to develop and enhance advanced 3d modeling & texturing skills, a large heritage building was created. All CG models and textures was created based on on-site reference photographs, that was taken before and during the creation of the building. The whole scene with all its components have been created from scratch.

During creation of the Environment, a lot of technical tests was carried out until the most efficient method was devised. A lot of effort was invested in the details, for example the clock-tower, and accurately modelling every window and building entrance. Also, a lot of texture painting was required, and many custom materials was designed for areas where no photographic reference was available, to ensure maximum realism and quality.

Animations featuring the completed Environmental Models where the lighting and rendering is done will give the final result a very sophisticated look.

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