Setup Push Email with Hotmail on the HTC Desire / Google Nexus One

Posted on Thursday, 2 June 2011

Downloading the default Android Mail Client:

Google Nexus One users can skip to the setting up push email section of this guide.

For what ever reason the HTC Mail application doesn’t function correctly when trying to setup push email with your Hotmail account. However the default Android mail application works fine.

You can download the default Android Mail application to your phone by visiting the following URL in your phones web browser:

Setting up push email:

First load the Email application up, not the Mail application.
Enter your Hotmail / Windows Live email address and password, then click manual setup.

When asked what type of email account it is select exchange

For domain / username enter a forward slash followed by your email address, for example: [email protected]

The server is

Tick the box that says “Use secure connection (SSL)” and click next

For email checking frequency select: Automatic (Push)

Its up to you what you select for the other options, I would recommend the settings in the screenshot below

Now give your email account a name that means something to you.

Thats it, push email is setup.

You will be notified of any new email’s in the phones notification area.

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