Seamless Looping Wiggle Expression

Posted on Monday, 15 November 2021

I have often wondered how to loop the After Effects wiggle expression to create a seamless wiggle loop for a certain loop time.

Looping Widdle Expression
There is an expression for this I found online that is easy to use, that you can for example apply to the rotation or position of a layer:

freq = 1;
amp = 110;
loopTime = 3;
t = time % loopTime;
wiggle1 = wiggle(freq, amp, 1, 0.5, t);
wiggle2 = wiggle(freq, amp, 1, 0.5, t - loopTime);
linear(t, 0, loopTime, wiggle1, wiggle2)

Quick guide to the basic parameters above:

- freq is how many wiggles per second.
- amp = the max wiggle value
- loopTime is the lengths in seconds for the loop. For example use the value 10, for a 10 second wiggle loop.

Credits: The expression is by Dan Ebberts, the awesome After Effects scripts / maths guy, that helps a lot of people answering script related and expression related questions.

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