Relocating to Scotland!

Posted on Friday, 15 February 2008
Awards & Nominations and other articles about 1957 - Hati Malaya
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12_ScotlandSundstedt Animation, creators of amazing handcrafted explainer videos, have relocated from England to Scotland. To have visited Scotland almost every week for the past 2.5 years, traveling around 279 miles in each direction, adding up to 558 miles per week. A total of about 117 train trips to and from Scotland. That is around 65286 miles, 50 days or 2.5 times the distance around the world! Relocating to Scotland has been a great experience.


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Awards & Nominations and other articles about 1957 - Hati Malaya
Line Sketch Effect on 3D rendering


  • Laura said:

    Scotland is beautiful. Congratulations on your choice.

  • Wanda said:

    Awesome! Great idea to move there.

  • David said:

    im scottish
    scotland is the best place in the world to live.
    welcome to scotland

  • Hamad said:

    I am from Kuwait and well from what i saw in the posted picture, it seems that even my self is looking to move into scotland…beatiful place wish you luck there.

  • Gregovich said:

    Scotland is a great place I have been there twice once to Edinburgh, and again the following summer to Glasgow and Edinburgh. I fell in love with the culture, landscape and people… its like walking back in time (architecture-wise)… I hope to move there one day as well. Great choice, enjoy yourself!

  • Madelyn said:

    I’m scottish and plan on moving to scotland next year, but I’ve never been there. What city was this picture taken in?

  • Anonymous said:

    I was born in England and i go their to visit my relatives and its pretty but i really want to go to scotland.

  • Kelley Clan said:

    I will be taking my children to Scotland in Sept. My Great-grandparents were from there. My wish is to relocate. Any tips on what we should see? We are actually flying into Manchester and plan to see Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

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