Anders Experience as an Interactive Games Author at ZOOtech

Posted on Saturday, 26 July 2008

Anders Experience as an Interactive Games Author at ZOOtech

These are some of the games that Anders authored during his 3.5 years working at ZOOtech Ltd, a part of ZOO Digital Group, as an Application Engineer – 3D Specialist (2004-2008):

Anders at ZOO Digital
Anders Sundstedt at his workstation developing innovative interactive games and products

Clifford Phonics


8 activities and games. One of the games Anders worked on. “Everyone in my family loves playing the Clifford Phonics game!” Angie Beyer (Mother of three)…

I SPY Treasure Hunt


39 challenging I SPY riddles, 24 engaging locations. Another great interactive title Anders worked on. “Great way to spend time playing with my kids, we both can enjoy it!” Stephanie Walton (Mother of two)…

I SPY Spooky Mansion


Another interactive game Anders have been involved in creating. 36 I SPY riddles build reading skills. Create 7 unique ghosts. “My kids love reading these books! The Spooky Mansion game is so easy to play.” Ashley Douglas (Executive Assistant)…

The FA Premier League SuperQuiz 2007


Follow up to the original F.A Premier League Interactive Super Quiz. Anders was one of the two authors of the original game engine used in this title…

Top Trumps: Ultimate Football Challenge


Anders Sundstedt wrote the original gameplay feasibility document on this title…

Play Your Cards Right


Interactive game based on the retro TV game show, PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT. Answer a question to gain control of the board, then make your way up by gambling money and predicting whether the next card will be higher or lower. Whoever has the most cash…

Interactive FA Premier League SuperQuiz


This is the first game Anders worked on, in 2005. (Score: 5/5) Very Good, 28 Dec 2005 Reviewer: A viewer…

Here is a more detailed list of key games & projects Anders worked on as an Interactive Games Author:

  • Clifford Phonics – The Big Red Dog – Game Authoring
  • I-SPY Fantasy – Game authoring & storyboards
  • I-Spy Treasure Hunt – Game authoring & storyboards
  • I-Spy Spooky Mansion
  • FAPL Super Quiz – Interactive Football Quiz Game
  • Feasibility studies and unique game play ideas on Hasbro Battleships, Trivial Pursuit, Clue. InteracTV (kids remote control) by Fisher Price and Top Trumps.
  • Music demo for Simply Red (Warner)
  • Prototype Game for Leapfrog
  • Flash Generator game mechanic and video segments for WOF demo
  • Adobe Photoshop scripting, for automation of graphics and asset creation.
  • Website graphics for NCAA Football, Power Snap TV’s new football DVD.
  • Detail Technologies (DTL) Police Quiz – working together with Splash designs
  • Blackjack Module
  • UK Music Quiz

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