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Hello, my name is Anders Sundstedt, the creator of Sundstedt Animation and the only person behind this website. Our sponsors have many benefits and can be custom tailored to best suit your needs. Sponsoring Sundstedt Animation blog provides you with the ability to strengthen your brand with our website and blog audience. It is a perfect opportunity to connect with students, emerging talent, educators, artists, filmmakers, producers, organisations, writers, voice over artists, the puplic, and industry professionals. We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities.

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Four examples of sponsorship are:

  • Sponsors might pay us to put their ad on our website.
  • Sponsors might simply provide us with free goods or services in return for advertising on our website.
  • A sponsored blog post, which is when a brand pays to feature their product or service in a blog post.
  • Sponsors might pay us to feature their brand or logo on this page.

Most of these would be for a certain timeframe, for example per month or per year.

Some of the many areas we are personally interested in and would be be interested in working with sponsors are: Software and hardware related to animation and filmmaking, cameras and lenses related to photography and filmmaking, computer equipment, media production equipment and software, animation software, Hi-Fi Speakers and Hi-Fi Headphones, hard drives, high-end graphic cards, electric guitars and amps, Tube Amps, digital drawing equipment, laptops, workstations, microphones, smart speakers, TV and professional monitors for artists and filmmakers, animation studio equipment, education, food and drinks.

Sundstedt Animation - Sundstedt Animation

We have a many visitors, many of which are music artists, art directors, industry professionals, producers, filmmakers, actors, bands, animators, directors and companies. They find our website via for example search engine searches, LinkedIn, Twitter, social media, Instagram and many more. We have a high SEO ranking in many areas that we find sponsors may be interested in.

For more information on how to sponsor Sundstedt Animation, please contact our Director Anders Sundstedt.

anders [at] sundstedt.co.uk

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