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Greetings! I am Anders Sundstedt, the mastermind behind Sundstedt Animation and the sole driving force behind this website. By becoming a valued sponsor, you open the door to a tailored array of benefits that perfectly align with your requirements.

Sponsoring the Sundstedt Animation blog presents a golden opportunity to expand your brand’s reach across our website and blog readership.

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One of our most compelling features is our platform’s ability to connect with students, emerging talent, educators, artists, filmmakers, producers, organizations, writers, voice-over artists, the general public, and industry professionals. Our sponsorship options are varied and sure to elevate your brand.

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We extend four sponsorship possibilities:

Firstly, display advertisements – sponsors pay for ad placement on our website.

Secondly, the exchange of free goods or services for advertising space on our website.

Thirdly, sponsored blog posts, where brands pay for product or service features within a blog post.

Lastly, featuring brand logos on this page in exchange for payment.

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We offer the following sponsorship choices:

  • Display Ads: Sponsors can secure ad placement on our website for heightened visibility and audience engagement.
  • Goods and Services: Sponsors can exchange free goods or services for brand exposure on our website.
  • Sponsored Blog Posts: Brands can feature products or services within dedicated blog posts, offering targeted visibility.
  • Brand or Logo Features: Sponsors can showcase their brand or logo on our website, gaining prominent exposure.

Our goal is to provide sponsors with a range of options tailored to their unique needs and goals. Whether you’re aiming for enhanced visibility, brand recognition, or product promotion, our sponsorship offerings are designed to help you achieve your objectives.

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Most sponsorships are structured for specific periods, such as monthly or yearly commitments.

We’re particularly interested in partnerships within several domains, including animation and filmmaking software and hardware, photography and filmmaking equipment such as cameras and lenses, computer equipment, media production tools and software, animation software, Hi-Fi speakers, Hi-Fi headphones, hard drives, high-end graphic cards, electric guitars, amps, Tube Amps, digital drawing equipment, laptops, workstations, microphones, smart speakers, TV and professional monitors for artists and filmmakers, animation studio equipment, education, food, and beverages.

Sundstedt Animation - Sundstedt Animation

Our diverse visitors include music artists, art directors, industry professionals, producers, filmmakers, actors, bands, animators, directors, and companies.

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They discover our website through channels such as search engine results, LinkedIn, Twitter, social media, Instagram, and more. Our strong SEO presence in various areas enhances the appeal to potential sponsors.

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To learn more about sponsoring Sundstedt Animation, please contact our Director, Anders Sundstedt. We appreciate your consideration of this partnership opportunity.

Contact: anders [at]

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