Zestica Educational Medical Animation

The Zestica™ Conception Kit has been especially developed to help overcome many natural factors that may be preventing couples from conceiving.

Zestica Educational Medical Animation – Sundstedt Animation


Client: Onyx Health Ltd
Script / Story: Onyx Health Ltd
Style: Medical Animation
Category: Educational Video
Production: Sundstedt Animation
Animation & Direction: Anders Sundstedt
Length: 188 seconds

The Challenge

The requirement was to create an animated, educational video to explain how the different products withing the Zestica Conception Kit works together. The animated video we created should be an educational, medical animated video, not a sales video. The animated video was to be used as part of an integrated online campaign to connect with couples struggling to conceive naturally. The animations were based on the script provided by the client, to educate couples about the Zestica Conception Kit and covered several areas of potential hazards, including not understanding their ovulatory cycle, the lack of a sperm friendly environment in the vagina and of poor sperm motility.

The Solution

For Onyx Health Ltd we created a Zestica Educational Medical Animation, an animated, educational, explainer style video about the Burdica BioMed Zestica Conception kit. The work included creating the illustration and animation of characters and some artwork, then delivering the finished animated video in formats ready to be shared on YouTube and other websites, educating the viewer how the Zestica Conception Kit products work. We went with a handcrafted, fun, animated cartoon style explainer video design, animated entirely in 2D, with matching colors to the Zestica Logo, packaging and marketing material color profile. Characters included happy sperms, sad sperms and couples struggling to conceive naturally. The Zestica Educational Medical Animation video is seen on the Zestica website and on YouTube.

The Results

While we don’t know exactly how successful the animated video has been for the overall campaign and branding created by our client, we have learned from the client website that with no other marketing support, the company has sold hundreds of more packs in the first month of launch as a result of the new branding.

Behind The Scenes


“As more and more of our works moves into the digital arena, we have created several animated videos with Anders and also an e-detail aid. Anders provides unique visual approach to tell often quite complex and challenging stories. I would highly recommend him and his work.”
Karen Winterhalter
Director of Onyx Health – Strategic Marketing Communications Experts

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