Track My Beef Animation

Track My Beef is an early explainer video we created for one of our first clients. Powered by DNA Traceback. IdentiGEN is a leading provider of DNA-based solutions to the agri-food industry with operations in Ireland, UK, USA and Canada. The script was provided by the client.

Track My Beef Animated Explainer Video


Client: IdentiGEN
Category: Explainer Video
Production: Sundstedt Animation
Direction: Anders Sundstedt
Design: Anders Sundstedt
Illustration & Animation: Anders Sundstedt
Script: Client
Length: 00:32

The Challenge

Track My Beef lets you discover where the beef in your burger comes from. The story covers the scanning of QR codes and your phones GPS and DNA technology. We needed to come up with a visual style and designs that the client would like and we had to provide them with different options. It was for us to map out the storyboard with the script and image references provided and create this animated explainer video.

The Solution

The script and basic storyboard explained the story well so we could focus on the design, visual concept, artwork, illustrations, backgrounds and how to animate it. The result is a bright, colorful, cartoon style animated explainer video / educational video to tell the story of where the beef in your burger comes from. The 2D animated short film features a train that carries the logo on sides of carriages in a colorful explainer video featuring a train. The story takes place like if told in an animated picture book, where the book contains the video and transitions are the turning of the pages. The book itself is also animated, starting with the book cover with an illustration from the video as a picture framed into the leather surface cover. The pages turns when each scene ends with the train exists the page and enters the next page, in scenes with the train. One challenge here was doing the page-turning animation effect for the book. The video also features a burger box, cows on a farm and a burger restaurant. The client really liked the video and later hired us for more design, animation and illustration projects.

Behind The Scenes

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