It’s always nice to hear when a client is pleased with our work

Posted on Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Always nice to hear
Sundstedt Animation has handcrafted over 20 animated explainer videos for different clients, including ARCHIE-WeSt, Givvit and many more. We take the time needed to create each video and our aim is to produce videos that drives extra visitors and sales for our clients.

It’s always nice to hear when a client is pleased with our work.

“Anders Sundstedt has done a lot of work with us this year, both for our clients and also for our own content marketing. He’s a very talented designer and animator and, I would emphasize, a genuine perfectionist. He works extremely hard on every project and the results speak for themselves. I enjoy collaborating with Anders Sundstedt on creative projects and am excited about working more with him. Very pleased with the new VMS PSIM animation we did with Anders Sundstedt in December and also the M Squared case studies in the Autumn.”
Gordon McKeown
Owner at Albion Bell Limited

Here you can view two videos we did for Albion Bell and VMS (Visual Management Systems Ltd) PSIM:

If you are not yet sure why you should hire us, here is a list of what people have said about our work.

Author: Anders Sundstedt
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