New Service: Animated Logos

Posted on Thursday, 23 May 2013

In 10 to 15 seconds we let people know about your company, what your business is and display your logo. There are lot’s of ways you can use animated logos, including:

  • Boost Search Engine Rankings
  • Use it to Brand your iPhone or iPad or Android apps
  • Use it to Brand future demo videos and explainer videos
  • Use it in Social Media Marketing
  • Create a Brand for your Vimeo or YouTube Channel
  • Display it on screens at conferences, exhibits and in the office
  • Make a company / organizations presentation more exciting

Here’s a simple example, this video features an Animated Logo at the start that we made to brand the explainer video that follows:

We can help you create a high quality animated logo and you can also add on an explainer video as part of the project. Do you need an animated logo video for your company / website to use in any of the ways mentioned? Contact us today for a free video quote.

For more examples of Animated Logos to brand a web video / explainer video have a look at the start at some of our other videos.

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