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Posted on Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Premier 2D Animated Medical Animation

zestica-imageSundstedt Animation is a premier 2D animated medical explainer video agency located in the UK working with international companies. We provide medical animation service for marketing & educational videos. With our 2D medical animations we can explain very complex mechanisms & treatments in an easy to understand way that anyone can understand.

DPRAA Animated Explainer Video – Sundstedt Animation

Our Experience

Some of the worlds leading companies trust Sundstedt Animation to tell the stories using animation. You can learn more about Sundstedt Animation services on this website. Over the years we have made multiple medical animations, medical illustrations, animated marketing videos, explainer videos, educational videos, whiteboard videos and how-does-it work videos for the world’s leading Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical companies.

Milo Biotechnology animated explainer video

International Service

Our experience also includes producing animation for the stem cell and agri-food industry (DNA-based solutions) with operations in Ireland, UK, USA, Canada and worldwide.

International Animation Production - Sundstedt Animation

How does it work?

We cover the entire creative process, from animation, directing, look and design for these animation projects. Our videos can be used to explain a medical procedure, service, product, how it works and how to use it. This is one of the many reasons that your company can benefit from having us produce an explanatory or educational video for you.

Animation Process - How does it work?

What makes us better?

In order to produce videos of premium quality, our animations are custom made from scratch, not using templates, standard projects or stock artwork. This means each video we create is different, unique and original, making our videos better! As well as web videos our videos can also be used in broadcast graphics and commercials for TV.

Zestica Explainer Video

Working with clients and agencies

We work with marketing agencies and directly with pharmaceutical clients and we focus on making each video unique and making clients happy so that they keep hiring us. Clients love our original line drawing and cartoon styles of animations that demonstrate how a medicine, a medical service or a treatment process work.

making each video unique and making clients happy

On-time delivery

Through our experience in producing 2D cartoon style explainer videos and Motion Graphics videos to different industry clients, you can benefit from our professional service and 100% on-time delivery promise. We also deliver all of our videos in full 1080p HD resolution by default (4K now available please ask for a quote).

On-time delivery Animated Video

Background in Visualisation

Our background in 2D/3D computer graphics help in creating simple explainer animations to explain complex mechanisms for doctors and the public. We are highly skilled in computer graphics, media technology & engineering, which differentiates us from agencies that only do design. This allows us to generate more complex (yet simple to understand) animations using custom expressions for animation and physical simulation.

Biotech Industry Animated Explainer Video / Presentation Video

You are always welcome with any questions you may have, please get in touch using the contact form or Free Quote form!

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