Maya – Matchmoving 101 – Nodal Pan

Posted on Sunday, 12 October 2008
Joined Houdini Apprentice Program today
Nationwide Screening - "1957 Malaya"

Today I’ve been doing the first chapter of Maya Matchmoving 101 training course. In the first chapter we learned about Image Size aspect ratio, frame padding and Image File Output Settings.

First we created a new camera, next we set Image Size / resolution gate. This should be set to the Preset matching the video source.

Next we set up our Film Gate. We can turn on both Film Gate and Resolution Gate from View->Camera Atribute Editor -> Display Options.

Film Back controls setup for Film Gate.

Camera Aperture is the opening of the camera body of the the camera. (width and height in inches). Focal Length is measured in [mm].

Camera Attributes ->Angle View, is dependent on the Camera Aperture.

Key to matchmoving is: 1) Camera Information, 2) Survey Information, 3) Input Image 4) Output Format.

Joined Houdini Apprentice Program today
Nationwide Screening - "1957 Malaya"
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