How I Became Skilled In Flash CS3 in Days (Review)

Posted on Thursday, 22 November 2007
Anders Awarded After Effects Certification
How I Rapidly Improved my Adobe Creative Skills in 3 Seminars

9780321499820I am a little of both. I do 3D Graphics work and design work, and I also do a fair bit of script programming, from JavaScript to MEL to Adobe Script and more. I started out doing graphics on the C64, before there was an Internet, but later with a M.Sc. degree in Media Technology & Engineering with a Visualisation profile, and a life-long interest in computer graphics, this lead me to work as a CG Artist; and here I am now with several succesful Freelance CG Artist projects behind me.

When it comes to design software, one application that I have always been interested in learning properly is Flash. I have recently been able to study Flash CS3 (and ActionScript3) which were created to give developers and designers better tools to work with. I recently completed the official Adobe self-training course ‘Flash CS3 – Classroom in a book’. This has been an opportunity to become skilled in Flash CS3.

This is one step in becoming a a more skilled Flash CS3 Designer and ActionScript 3.0 programmer, but the book did only cover the very basics of ActionScript, so a separate book would be needed that focused on ActionScript 3.0.

The book was well written, and covered all the basics of Flash CS3, and I now feel confident to work with Flash CS3, and I can highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn Flash CS3.

(+) Great and interesting lessons with useful examples.
(-) Lack of depth in ActionScript3, a thicker book with more Scripting lessons would be good.

Rating: 9 / 10


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Anders Awarded After Effects Certification
How I Rapidly Improved my Adobe Creative Skills in 3 Seminars
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