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Posted on Tuesday, 2 October 2012
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Have you ever seen one of those handcrafted explainer videos for a business service or product that helped ensure that the ideas explained were easy to understand, entertaining and professional? If you have you’ve probably wondered if explanation videos like those would help your business… the simple answer is yes, they can. With an explanation video you are able to animate your idea with fun videos that draw the viewer to the video in a way as to explain your product, service or idea in the easiest and most effective way possible – by entertaining the viewer.

Handcrafted explainer videos are an awesome idea that can take a less than exciting idea or a somewhat hard to explain concept and turn it around into animated videos that have engaging characters, lush hand drawn landscapes, and a clear and concise story that conveys the idea fully. Whether you need to talk about the side effects of a new drug in a less daunting sort of way or you want to make an everyday household item a little more exciting, you can get awesome videos created by a talented artist and producer that takes your product or service to a whole new level. Using the talents of a gifted animator and motion graphics artist, you will be able to make a concept or idea come to life with truly spectacular handcrafted explainer videos that can take anything and make it fun and entertaining to the viewer.

Sundstedt.se offers After Effects motion graphics and animated videos that will take your idea and run with it, creating exceptionally handcrafted explainer videos that go the distance to making you product, service or idea stand out. From corporate films to viral campaigns, sales videos, promos, video trailers, infographics and more, Sundstedt.se is able to animate your idea in the best way possible with an explanatory video that entertains the masses.


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Motion Graphics & Marketing Videos
Video Testimonial
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