Guide: Viewing the iPhone / iPad / Mobile version of a website on your desktop

Posted on Saturday, 19 February 2011

How to view the Mobile version of a website on your desktop computer in Firefox.

Since it’s hard to find any help on how to simulate an iPhone or Android, to view how your amazing website with a mobile version available looks like on your computer (FireFox), here is the quick and easy guide for you.

(This is tried and tested to view your WPtouch version of a WordPress page, on your computer in FF).

Step1: download and install the User Agent Switcher FireFox extension here
This requires FireFox to be restarted after installation, which FireFox will let you know.

Step2: Go to Tools menu, in the drop-down, scroll down and select the User Agent that you want to use (iPhone 3.0):

Step3: Load your website (or any other website) that has a Mobile version, now you can view it as on a Mobile phone (here iPhone 3). Here is a view on an iPhone, in FireFox on a computer:

To switch back to normal web page view, select Tools->Default User Agent.
I hope you appreciate this guide. It should save you some time not having to figure this out.


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