Guide: Adding or deleting an image to your existing WordPress Gallery

Posted on Sunday, 31 October 2010

Adding image to an existing Gallery

To add an image, have the Post or Page where the Gallery appears open in the Editor, click on the “Add an Image” button and upload your additional image in the Image Uploader. The new image will also appear in the Gallery tab. If necessary, reorder your thumbnails as described above.  If you want to add an image to your Gallery from your Media Library, you must first attach it to the Post or Page where the Gallery appears. Instructions for attaching Unattached Files can be found in the Support docs.

Delete image from an existing Gallery

To delete an image from the Gallery, open the Image Uploader Gallery tab, click on “Show” and then click on the “Delete” link that appears beneath the Description box. You’ll be asked again if you want to delete the image. Click “Continue”. The image is deleted not only from the Gallery, but also from your Media Library.

In all cases, remember to click “Save All Changes” and “Update Gallery Settings”.

How to rearrange the thumbnails in the order I want

In the Post or Page Visual Editor, click on the Gallery placeholder. You will see two small buttons appear in the upper left corner of the placeholder, clicking on the left button will bring you to the Gallery tab in the Image Uploader where you can change thumbnail order under the Gallery Settings.

There are two other ways to rearrange your thumbnails: first, you can simply drag and drop them in the order you want. You’ll see numbers appear in the “Order” boxes. The second way is to enter a number directly in the Order box.

In both cases, make sure you save your changes and then “Update Gallery Settings”.

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